The primary objective of the policy dialogue is to promote mutual cooperation and common understanding among high-level policymakers in the field of environmental conservation and to share knowledge about the current situation and future projections with regard to climate change in Asia for the purpose of promoting sustainable development.


In the world we live in today it is no longer possible to discuss development without invoking the concept of sustainability. The World Bank defines sustainable development as "development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs." This would require government leaders to balance social, economic, and environmental needs in the pursuit of further development, to ensure that the demands of the future are not compromised by current initiatives.

The Asia Leadership Program on Sustainable Development and Climate Change (the "Asia Leadership Program") wishes to take this mindset a step further by demonstrating that it is likewise impossible to discuss leadership outside the context of sustainable development. The Asia Leadership Program will bring leaders in the Asia-Pacific region together with internationally recognized experts on sustainable development and climate change to discuss key issues, share experiences and define solutions. Going beyond theory however; the Asia Leadership Program seeks to empower —and challenge— leaders to use solutions that drive positive change in their respective countries. Being a recognized global benchmark for sustainable development and climate change adaptation and mitigation practices, Japan as the host country will play a marked role in the Asia Leadership Program.

This workshop will promote and deepen an understanding of sustainable development and climate change adaptation through activities including:

  • Field visits showcasing Japanese innovations in renewable energy, waste-to-energy conversion, and transport systems
  • Dialogue with key executives from leading companies and utilities
  • A session on innovative financing schemes.

The workshop will focus on the Asian experience with infrastructure projects in the energy, urban, and water sectors to highlight the region's unique challenges in addressing sustainable development and climate change related priorities.


  • Share knowledge on the Asian experience with infrastructure projects in the energy, transport, water, and urban sectors that integrate sustainable development and climate-change related priorities
  • Come up with solutions to drive positive change in the course of sustainable development as well as climate-change mitigation and adaptation
  • Network and share a common basis for discussion among policy makers who are expected to be involved in future policy implementation for sustainable development


  • Endow high-level officials in charge of environmental policy with up-to-date knowledge, strategic thinking, consensus building, and effective communication in order to achieve sustainable development.
  • Provide participants with the opportunity of deepening mutual understanding and finding a common basis for future cooperation.
  • Networking key decision makers in the Asian region to facilitate collaboration and to share knowledge solutions to tackle climate-change issues.


Participants will be selected based on their experience and ability and willingness to take action as leaders in developing and implementing sustainable-development and climate-change-related solutions.

How to Register

By invitation only.




They will also be expected to complete the pre-program materials and contribute actively in discussions.


The Asian Development Bank (ADB) and The Ministry of the Environment of Japan

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