Time of event

14:00–16:00 (Tokyo time)


The new coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has become a major global crisis damaging people’s health and economies. Countries are seeking to combat COVID-19 by applying various measures. Some of these measures use the “nudge theory,” drawing upon behavioral insights to deploy incentive structures to (i) immediately encourage people to protect themselves against infection via methods such as social distancing and hand washing; (ii) mitigate economic and social impacts in the medium-term; and (iii) develop resilient and sustainable societies in the long-term like the European “Green Recovery” model.

Co-hosted by ADBI, the Asian Development Bank, Japan Nudge Promotion Council, and the Ministry of Environment of Japan, this webinar will examine behavioral insights and nudges that can help countries in Asia and the Pacific and beyond address these common challenges and protect against COVID-19.

  • Promote global networking and collaboration to support COVID-19 mitigation efforts
  • Share lessons learned and best practices pertaining to the use of behavioral insights for combating the pandemic
  • Policy makers and experts, and interested stakeholders
  • Enhanced understanding of the use of behavioral insights and nudges to combat COVID-19
  • Improved information and best practice exchange to support more effective COVID-19 mitigation policy
  • Greater COVID-19 policy collaboration between government officials, experts, and stakeholders
How to register

By invitation or prior arrangement with ADBI.

  • Economic Research and Regional Cooperation Department, Asian Development Bank
  • Japan Nudge Promotion Council
  • Ministry of Environment, Japan

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