Time of Event

14:30-16:00 Tokyo time


This webinar highlighted key takeaways from the new book Climate Change Mitigation: Policies and Lessons for Asia, which were discussed by experts, including the coeditors and a panel of contributors to the book.

Marking the latest book entry in the ADBI Series on Asian and Pacific Sustainable Development, the webinar featured insights from leading policy researchers on how developing countries and institutions in the region can advance climate mitigation and finance projects vital to realizing carbon neutrality and sustainable post-COVID-19 recovery.

 It focused on climate change mitigation solutions across four sectors – energy, buildings, transport, and agriculture, forestry and land use, as well as carbon pricing solutions. It was followed by an audience question and answer session.

  • Examine climate change mitigation and financing priorities in Asia and the Pacific
  • Spotlight research-based policy strategies for advancing climate targets in the region
Target Participants

Policy makers and researchers from think tanks, universities, and international organizations, as well as media and other interested members of the public

  • Free download link for the book Climate Change Mitigation: Policies and Lessons for Asia
  • Enhanced understanding of climate change mitigation in Asia and the Pacific
  • Identification of policy recommendations for boosting the region’s climate objectives

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