Time of event

11:00–12:00 Tokyo time


This virtual event highlighted key takeaways from the new book Macroeconomic Stabilization in the Digital Age, to be discussed by the co-editors and a panel of contributors to the book. The focuses included the impact of accelerating digital transformation on macroeconomic stability, the macroeconomic implications of financial technology (fintech) in the People’s Republic of China, and how fintech could affect monetary policy effectiveness across Asia and globally.

The discussion was followed by an audience question and answer session.


Opening Remarks

  • Tetsushi Sonobe, Dean, Asian Development Bank Institute

Co-Editors: Book Overview

  • John Beirne, Research Fellow, Asian Development Bank Institute
  • David Fernandez, Director, Sim Kee Boon Institute for Financial Economics and Professor of Finance, Singapore Management University

Book Contributors’ Panel

  • Hans Genberg, Professor of Economics and Senior Director of Banking and Finance Programs, Asia School of Business
  • Yiping Huang, Professor of Economics and Deputy Dean of the National School of Development (NSD) and Director of the Institute of Digital Finance (IDF), Peking University
  • Muhammad Zubair Mumtaz, Associate Professor of Finance, National University of Sciences and Technology, Pakistan
  • Overview of the new book Macroeconomic Stabilization in the Digital Age
  • Examine policy challenges to achieving macroeconomic stability in an era of rising digitalization
  • Policy makers; experts from think tanks, universities, and other institutions; and interested members of the public
  • Distribution of the free download link for the book Macroeconomic Stabilization in the Digital Age
  • Enhanced understanding of the impacts of digitalization on macroeconomic stability
  • Greater awareness of the importance of managing digitalization’s effects on the economy
  • Sim Kee Boon Institute for Financial Economics, Singapore Management University

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