Under the Asian Development Bank (ADB) led regional knowledge and support technical assistance (KSTA) project “Strengthening Integrated Primary Health Care Management of Noncommunicable Diseases”, ADB in coordination with PATH will be conducting a 3-day conference at ADB Manila focusing on the role of technological innovations to revolutionize the healthcare landscape and accelerate the journey towards achieving the target of Universal Health Coverage (Sustainable Development Goal, Target 3.8).


The aim of the conference is to increase knowledge for best practices, stimulate capacity of policymakers on implementation strategies and improve the uptake of innovative technologies for primary healthcare management of NCDs and mental health. The in-person conference will feature 1) plenary sessions around technological transformations, 2) innovative regulatory and financial models; 3) felicitating the winners of the innovations challenge; and 4) discuss future initiatives and collaborations.

Featured sessions

Country Experiences: Priorities and Challenges in Managing NCDs and Mental Health

Moderator: Rui Liu, Health Specialist, ADB


  • Professor Mohammad Robed Amin (Line Director, NCD Control, Directorate General of Health Services, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Bangladesh)
  • Dr. Dinar Kharisma (Senior Policy Planner, Ministry of National Development Planning, BAPPENAS, Indonesia)
  • Dr. Tran Quoc Bao (Head of the Division of Non-Communicable Diseases Control, General Department of Preventive Medicine, Vietnam)

This session aims at identifying the country specific priorities and challenges in managing NCDs and mental health, explore the scope of integrating technologies for bridging the gaps in health system’s response to the most pressing challenges in these areas, desirable attributes in innovative technologies that make a better fitment with national priorities, and the challenges faced/envisaged for management of NCDs and mental health.

Transformative Technologies: Revolutionizing Healthcare for NCDs and Mental Health

Moderator: Dr. Jae Kyoun Kim, Health Specialist, ADB


  • Mr. Neeraj Jain (Country Director India and Director for Asia, Middle East and Europe Operations, PATH)
  • Dr. Aliya Naheed (Scientist, NCDs, Nutrition Research Division, icddr,b Bangladesh)
  • Mr. Timur Pulatov (Partner, Strategy and Transactions Leader for Central Asia and Caucasus, Ernst & Young)

In this session, the experts will share their perspective and experience of technology integration within health systems; with a particular focus on NCDs and mental health management. The discussion will include insights from real world implementation and the challenges that present a bottleneck for adoption of innovations at scale.

Experiences and Lessons Learnt for Management of NCDs and Mental Health: Vision for Asia and the Pacific

Moderator: Professor Brian Hall (New York University Shanghai)


  • Dr. Si Thu Win Tin (Team Leader, NCDs Prevention and Control Program, The Pacific Community)
  • Dr. Anne-Claire Stona (Global Mental Health program lead, SingHealth Duke-National University of Singapore)
  • Dr. Mikiko Kando (Technical Lead, Healthy Ageing, World Health Organization Western Pacific Regional Office)

The session aims at demystifying the vision for the next decade in NCD and mental healthcare with particular focus on future ready technologies that can bridge the gaps in access to care, and redefine the role of health seekers, providers, and systems; particularly by learning from the past experiences. The session will also delve into the role of intersectoral collaborations and policies that can help integrate quality interventions for regional and global health equity.

Examples of Regional and Country programs: Insights from Academic Network

Moderator: Dr. Mohammad Abdus Sabur (Adjunct Professor, Dhaka University, Bangladesh)


  • Professor Brian Hall (Professor of Global Public Health, NYU Shanghai)
  • Assistant Professor Poonnatree Jiaviriyaboonya, (Assistant Professor, Faculty of Liberal Arts and Science, Nakhon Phanom University, Thailand)
  • Dr. Le Cong Thien (Hanoi Medical University, and National Institute of Mental Health, Viet Nam)
  • Dr. Herbet Sidabutar (Head of Mental Health Governance Team, Ministry of Health, Indonesia)

This session will learn from eminent experts representing academia with the aim of learning from their transformative efforts towards strengthening the regional and country programs in NCDs and mental health management.

Considerations for Technology Adoption and Regulations for NCDs and Mental Health

Moderator: Dr. Ye Xu, Senior Health Specialist, ADB


  • Mr. Roy Himawan (Director of Pharmacy Resilience and Medical Devices, Ministry of Public Health – Kemenkes, Government of Indonesia)
  • Dr. Ranjan Choudhury (Advisor, National Health Systems Resource Center, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India)

This session will take a comprehensive approach - with specific focus on NCDs and Mental Health - to understand the considerations that can facilitate technology adoption and prime the audience with country examples of regulatory frameworks.

Innovations Challenge Technologies Showcase and Unveiling the Digital Directory


  • Dr. Divya Wahi Malik (Program Officer- Technology and Innovations, PATH)
  • Dr. Priyanka Bajaj (Specialist – Health Technology Innovations, PATH)

This session will feature video and compendium launch of Innovations Challenge, including brief showcase of winners from two categories – NCDs and mental health. The session will include feasibility assessment findings and unveiling of digital director on technology and health.

Lifecourse Healthy Longevity Approach to Management of NCDs and Mental Health

Moderator: Dr. Vasoontara Yiengprugsawan, Senior Universal Health Coverage Specialist (Service Delivery), ADB


  • Professor Prabhat Jha (Founding Director, Centre for Global Health Research, University of Toronto)
  • Dr. Minhaj Mahmud (Senior Economist, Economic Research Development Impact Department, ADB)
  • Dr. Eduardo Banzon (Principal Health Specialist, ADB)
  • Dr. Meredith Wyse (Senior Social Development Specialist – Aging and Care, ADB)

This session aims at identifying broader lifecourse perspectives to healthy longevity in preventing and managing NCDs, especially in middle-aged and older adults. Early detection and management of chronic NCDs can significantly enhance workforce productivity and improve quality of life.

Financing Solutions for Healthcare Innovation: The Role of Innovative and Blended Financing Models

Moderator: Dr. Nishant Jain, Health Specialist, ADB


  • Dr. Yanghee Kim (Research Fellow, National Health Insurance Service, South Korea)
  • Dr. Kanchan Dua (Associate Vice President, Strategy and Transactions, Ernst & Young, India)

The session will learn from the experts about the different types of innovative financing options, priorities of financing in NCDs and mental health, approaches to cover blind spots, and will touch upon aspects of risk sharing, sustainability, transparency and accountability in relation to the impact on public health.

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