Time of event

15:00–17:55 Tokyo time


The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the agricultural sector hard, particularly production and supply chains spanning smallholder farms to agriculture processing to exporters. Many countries have also imposed food export restrictions to protect domestic interests, leading to greater global food insecurity.

Pandemic agri-food chain disruptions are compounded by climate change-driven extreme weather and soil degradation, which is increasing pressure on crop and livestock production. Moreover, agriculture directly accounts for around 30% of greenhouse gas emissions, prompting policy makers to seek multifaceted solutions for enhancing sustainability within the sector.

This ADBI-Asian Development Bank-Vietnam National University of Agriculture virtual workshop will explore ways to strengthen the adaptive capacity of food and agriculture in Asia and the Pacific amid challenges such as COVID-19 and climate change. It will consist of three sessions covering: (i) Agriculture and food global value chain recovery; (ii) Climate change and agriculture; and (iii) Digitalization of the agriculture sector.

  • Examine agriculture and food global value chain recovery challenges and the importance of enhancing international cooperation within the sector
  • Exchange sustainable agricultural knowledge and technological innovation
  • Share domestic and regional-level best practices for enhancing sustainable agricultural development
  • Improved understanding of agriculture adaptation challenges and opportunities for building the sector’s sustainability and resilience
  • Intensive policy dialogue and network building between policy makers and experts
  • Presentations and other workshop materials to be uploaded on the ADBI website
  • Asian Development Bank
  • Vietnam National University of Agriculture

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