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ADBI and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) are jointly promoting policy leadership in Asia for city-wide inclusive sanitation development, specifically non-sewered sanitation, fecal sludge management, and wastewater management. The purpose is to advance access to adequate and equitable sanitation and hygiene for all under the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals

In accordance with this effort, ADBI and BMGF are launching a policy dialogue with business leaders on accelerating sanitation growth. The policy dialogue will pool expertise and ideas of companies that produce, sell, operate, maintain, and desludge decentralized wastewater treatment systems in developing Asian countries. Among them include manufacturers and operators of Japan’s Johkasou non-sewered sanitation and decentralized wastewater treatment system as well as private sector players in India contributing to new sanitation projects.

  • To examine the private sector’s decentralized sanitation activities in developing Asian countries
  • To identify key challenges encountered by businesses introducing decentralized wastewater management systems in the region
  • To detail ways governments and development partners can help tackle business barriers to sustainable sanitation development
  • Leaders from private sanitation companies operating in developing Asian countries
  • Representatives from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Japan International Cooperation Agency, Japan Sanitation Consortium
  • Representatives of international NGOs such as Water Aid and BORDA
  • Representatives from Administrative Staff College of India
  • Knowledge transfers for creating a policy environment that enables private sector-driven sustainable sanitation in developing Asia
  • ADBI will work with participating private companies to produce an ADBI Policy Brief collating their experiences in operating decentralized wastewater collection, transportation, and treatment services
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Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Japan International Cooperation Agency, and Japan Sanitation Consortium

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