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Cambodia Policy Forum on Enhancing Agriculture Sector Productivity in Cambodia, National Review Seminar, and Cambodia Country Consultations

Event | 4 - 5 November 2013 Phnom Penh, Cambodia


This series of meetings will serve as a platform for researchers, policymakers and consultants to discuss agricultural reforms in Cambodia.


Agriculture is the cornerstone of the Cambodian economy: it contributes almost a third of the GDP, employs the largest proportion of the workforce, and gains substantial foreign exchange earnings. About 70% of the population in Cambodia depends on agricultural activities to earn their incomes and livelihoods. The government is keen to improve productivity, diversification, and commercialization of the agriculture sector. In particular, agriculture productivity is weak due to inadequate and insufficient basic infrastructure such as irrigation systems and rural roads. Moreover, as the ASEAN Economic Community becomes a reality, product and process harmonization and standardization will affect Cambodia's agriculture sector development.

The Policy Forum on Enhancing Agriculture Sector Productivity in Cambodia to be held on 5 November, aims to assist the government in introducing policies and regulations to improve productivity and competitiveness of Cambodia's agriculture sector. Discussions will focus on the creation of a proper regulatory framework, varietal development, and ways to increase participation of local and international experts in agricultural supply chains. The policy forum is part of the CLMV Project on Strengthening Agricultural Productivity in CLMV Countries.

To further assess the usefulness and application of the project's activities in Cambodia, a National Review Seminar (NRS) working lunch among alumni of the project in Cambodia, together with their supervisors, will be convened on 4 November. The NRS will be an informal meeting to touch base with CLMV project trainees in Cambodia, and as part of the project's objective of establishing a network of CLMV officials. Taking advantage of these events, consultations will also be organized on the same day in the morning. The main objective of the consultations is to discuss with key stakeholders in the country (local experts from government agencies and research centers and development partners) possible future CLMV project activities in Cambodia based on the state of policy developments in the country, particularly those related to agricultural and rural development.


The policy forum aims to help prepare a roadmap and recommendations for the enhancement of agriculture sector in Cambodia.


  • Policy recommendations and roadmap for the development of a competitive seed industry and agriculture supply chains as a part of improving agriculture sector productivity in Cambodia
  • Enhanced dialogue and network between government agencies, international organizations, civil society, and private sector to promote Cambodia's seed industry.
  • Publication of proceedings (presentation materials and summary of proceedings to be uploaded on ADBI website) and CBT materials.
  • Feedback to improve the design of the training programs and provide inputs to the background papers and policy briefs as part of the Project's CBT and research activities, respectively.
  • Country consultations summary report outlining recent key policy developments, needs and ideas for improving the Project's CBT and research activities.

How to register

By invitation only.




Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries (MAFF) of Cambodia and Agence Francaise de development (AFD)