Distinguished Speaker Series: Can Older Workers Stay Productive? Role of Information and Communications Technology and Training in Republic of Korea

Event | 13 September 2019
ADBI, Tokyo, Japan

Speaker Details

Speaker: Jong-Wha Lee
Affiliation: Korea University
Time: 11:30–12:30


This seminar will feature Dr Jong-Wha Lee of Korea University who will describe his research on the effects of aging on labor productivity using industry and individual worker data in Republic of Korea. Dr Lee will explain how aged workers that are highly skilled, or combined with a large share of information and communications technology (ICT) capital stock, can positively impact labor productivity.

Dr Lee will also discuss the importance of ICT skills acquisition and job-specific training toward buoying the productivity of older workers as well as the positive effects of ICT skills on wages for aged-workers with a college education or associated with skill-intensive occupations. He will furthermore detail how greater ICT investment and training for aged workers can mitigate aging-based productivity decline.

About the Speaker

Dr Jong-Wha Lee is a professor of economics at Korea University. He previously served as a senior adviser for international economic affairs to the President of the Republic of Korea as well as Chief Economist and Head of the Office of Regional Economic Integration at the Asian Development Bank and as an economist at the International Monetary Fund.

He has taught at Harvard University and Peking University, and published extensively on human capital, growth, financial crises, and economic integration. His most recent books include Is this the Asian Century? and Education Matters: Global Schooling Gains from the 19th to the 21st Century, coauthored with R. J. Barro. He obtained his PhD and master’s degree in economics from Harvard University.

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