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Seminar: Can real exchange rate and relative demand changes help the Eurozone?

Event | 30 July 2013 ADBI, Tokyo, Japan


Juan Carlos Martinez Oliva will present a paper that addresses the issue of the role of the real exchange rate and of relative demands in the eurozone member countries based on a disaggregated approach that takes into account the trade ties of all 17 countries. Trade flows are taken into consideration, with the aim of achieving a bilateral measure of price and income elasticities of foreign trade. Based on an original computational approach, the overall system of 272 trade flows is then used to derive the vector of prices and GDPs, which are consistent with the needed amount of adjustment.


Juan Carlos Martinez Oliva is a visiting fellow at Peterson Institute for International Economics, and a principal director in the Economics, Research, and International Relations Area of the Bank of Italy. He was a visiting professor at Università di Perugia (1989–1990), Università di Genova (1990–92), and Università LUISS–Guido Carli (2006–2008). He has authored or edited a large number of contributions in international economics, monetary economics, game theory, economic policy, and the history of European integration.


Policymakers, academics and the general public.