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Developing countries in Asia and the Pacific increasingly vulnerable to the effects of climate change are widely implementing climate-conscious development plans. This includes Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) to fulfill the objectives of the Paris Agreement, in accordance with a country’s national or sectoral climate change mitigation commitments and priorities. Many countries have expressed a need for external financial, technical, and capacity building assistance to support NDC implementation, a move that could also enable some to raise their contributions.

This workshop will examine NDC implementation and the role of national financial institutions in addressing associated challenges such as identifying and prioritizing climate projects, mobilizing project financing, and tracking climate investment and climate actions against NDC targets. The focus will be on raising private sector participation in countries’ climate investment plans, green finance development, and the deployment of conducive regulatory frameworks.

  • Empower Asia Pacific policy makers to develop climate investment plans based on their countries’ Nationally Determined Contributions for fulfilling the objectives of the Paris Agreement
  • Identify further capacity building and training needs to fully develop and implement climate investment plans

Target participants include finance and environment officials responsible for NDC and green finance design in ADB developing member countries. For each country, ADBI will invite at least one official from the relevant finance and environment-related agency.

Private sector representatives will also be invited and encouraged to participate on a self-funded basis.

  • Enhanced capacity to develop climate investment plans and green finance
  • Stronger network of governments and private institutions addressing green finance
How to register

By invitation or prior arrangement with ADBI.

  • Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management Thematic Group, ADB HQ
  • Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI)
  • Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum (OMFIF)

Event Contact

  • Hendriyetty, Nella Senior CBT Economist Capacity Building and Training ADB Institute E-mail contact form
  • Sioson, Erica Paula Research Associate Capacity Building and Training ADB Institute E-mail contact form