Hosted by ADB’s Southeast Asia Regional Department’s (SERD) Green Finance Hub (GFH) the ASEAN Catalytic Green Finance Facility (ACGF), and the Southeast Asia Development Solutions (SEADS), this webinar seeks to enhance knowledge of climate finance and support the developing member countries of the ADB, and in particular the Southeast Asia region, in expanding climate change action. Gaps in climate finance flows, from the sources (e.g., public, private) to the financing instruments employed (e.g., loans, grants) and the uses of funds (e.g., adaptation, mitigation, sectors)- and related challenges and opportunities will be discussed. The webinar is intended for both sources and recipients of climate finance and their roles in accelerating the delivery of climate change solutions. The discussion will be anchored on findings from two recent publications - ADB’s Climate Finance Landscape of Asia and the Pacific (2023) and the Climate Policy Initiative’s Global Landscape of Climate Finance (2023).


The objectives of this seminar are to

  • Analyze the current challenges in climate finance within Southeast Asia,
  • Explore strategies to accelerate the implementation of climate change solutions in the region, and
  • Identify opportunities for collaboration between public and private sectors to address climate finance gaps effectively.

Target participants

Policymakers, financial sector, financial institutions, academia, government officials

Resource speakers

  • Moderator: Esmyra P. Javier, Climate Change Specialist (Climate Finance), Sustainable Development and Climate Change Department of ADB
  • Luthfyana Larasati, Manager, Climate Finance Program, Climate Policy Initiative
  • Chiara Falduto, Policy Analyst, OECD Environment Directorate
  • Naeeda Crishna Morgado, Senior Infrastructure Specialist (Climate Finance), Green Finance Hub, Southeast Asia Regional
  • Tristan Knowles, Investment Specialist (Climate Finance), ADB

How to register

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Event organizers / partners

ADB’s Southeast Asia Regional Department’s (SERD) Green Finance Hub (GFH) the ASEAN Catalytic Green Finance Facility (ACGF), and the Southeast Asia Development Solutions (SEADS)

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