In order to maximize efforts to relieve the less privileged from the burden of poverty, development efforts must go together with good governance. With this in mind, the Asian Development Bank’s (ADB) Office of Anticorruption and Integrity (OAI) held a sharing session on 14 June 2016. Representatives of the Nordic Development Fund (NDF), Nordic Investment Bank (NIB), and the Nordic Environment Finance Corporation (NEFCO) participated and shared lessons on conducting project procurement reviews and integrity due diligence.

Project procurement-related reviews (PPRRs) call for inspections of projects, assessments of internal controls and identify irregularities and possible non-compliance cases. This allows ADB to identify and develop preventive measures for future projects.

This session was a follow through of an ADB and NDF cooperation agreement, which was signed in 2014. Held at the Nodric Development Fund office in Helsinki, Finland, 27 participants from NDF, NIB, and NEFCO attended the session. As part of the collaboration, NDF officials joined OAI in conducting a Project Procurement Related Review (PPRR) of a joint ADB-NDF project in Cambodia last year.

David Binns, OAI Director said that "following the NDF participation in OAI's PPRR of Loan 2670, Loan 3151 and Grant 0401 (Project II): Rural Roads Improvement Project, the session enhanced mutual understanding and collaboration between our respective offices."

The head of OAI, Clare Wee acknowledged that "the focus NIB, NDF and NEFCO provides on these important topics in the fight against corruption is heartening to note. We learned so much from our mutual sharing."

OAI also met with Tita Anttila, Chief Counsel, VP and Head of Legal and Project Administration in the Nordic Environment Finance Corporation; Leena Klossner, VP and Deputy Managing Director, the Managing Director Pasi Hellman, Linda Lundqvist, VP and Chief Counsel, and Erik Holmqvist, Procurement Specialist, all from the Nordic Development Fund; and Per Eldar Sövik who is the Chief Compliance Office of the Nordic Investment Bank to exchange information and updates.

ADB’s Office of Anticorruption and Integrity is the designated focal point for allegations of fraud or corruption to ADB-related activities or staff members.

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