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Conference: The Implications of a Possible PRC Growth Slowdown for Asia

Event | 25 - 26 November 2015 ADBI, Tokyo, Japan


This conference will present commissioned studies that: analyze the factors explaining the long-term slowdown of growth in advanced Asian economies, such as Japan, the Republic of Korea and Taipei,China; assess the structural factors affecting the PRC and their implications for Chinese growth over the next decade; assess and quantify the impacts of slower Chinese growth on growth, trade, investment and employment in other emerging Asian economies; and propose and assess policy measures that could offset some of the negative factors identified in the study.


This conference will present the above commissioned studies, plus other studies obtained via a free call for papers organized by both ADBI and “China & World Economy,” and further improve them through discussion among experts in the field of the analysis of determinants of long-term economic growth. The conference participants will be the authors of the research papers, scholars from well-known universities, research institutions, think thanks, etc., experts from government agencies, and a broader audience from public and private organizations as well as postgraduate students.


This event will gather well-known scholars and experts on growth and development in Asian economies, particularly from the PRC, Japan, and the Republic of Korea. It will actively promote discussion on relevant issues which are expected to contribute to the theoretical and empirical literature and regional policy dialogue.


Academics, policy makers, and experts from the private sector; 60 participants.


Better understanding of Implications of a possible PRC growth slowdown for Asia.




China & World Economy (China Academy of Social Sciences)

Time of event

Day 1: 9:30 - 18:15
Day 2: 9:30 - 15:30