Conference on Islamic Finance for Asia: Development, Prospects and Inclusive Growth

Event | 4 - 5 November 2013 ADB Headquarters, Manila, Philippines


This conference, organized by the Islamic Financial Services Board and hosted by ADB, aims to create greater awareness on the potentials and opportunities brought about by Islamic finance to the region, and explore the issues related to its further development, progress and challenges. The conference will bring prominent speakers from among the international Islamic financial community, market players, regulators as well as thought leaders of the industry to share experiences with the key policy makers, regulators, industry practitioners and stakeholders in Asia.


The conference will examine the experiences of selected Asian countries, with focus on the regulatory requirements and other pre-conditions needed to establish and sustain an orderly development of Islamic finance, while seeking to identify the benefits Islamic finance can bring to the respective countries. The sessions and discussions will also draw upon the perspectives of

  • market opportunities and challenges;
  • global and national regulatory requirements; and
  • facilitation of cross-border investment flows.

The conference also aims to create greater opportunities for interaction and cooperation among the members of the Islamic Financial Services Board and ADB.

Roundtable session for regulators

Following the conference, a roundtable session for regulators will be organized with the aim to provide a unique opportunity for regulators to discuss and share their experiences, issues and challenges in developing an Islamic finance regulatory regime and in supervising the Islamic financial services industry. This roundtable will be particularly relevant to policy makers and others who are in the process of developing a regulatory regime for Islamic financial services in their respective jurisdictions. Among the issues to be discussed at the roundtable are the legal and regulatory issues for Islamic finance post-crisis and the role of governments and private sectors in undertaking initiatives for Islamic finance. Participation in the roundtable is by invitation only.