Time of Event

Day 1:  08:30-14:10 Tokyo time 
Day 2:  12:45-16:20 Tokyo time


According to the Asian Development Bank, 80% of water resources are used for agricultural irrigation in Asia and the Pacific. Water scarcity due to climate change and increasing demand for water from other economic sectors threatens to limit agricultural capacity to ensure food security unless water management in agriculture is improved. This includes optimizing water allocation in agriculture via proper water pricing while enhancing water use efficiency through better irrigation technology and practices and environmental regulation. It also involves other considerations such as the social behavior of farming communities, economic constrains, and legal and institutional frameworks.

This virtual conference featured new research on water resource management and agricultural sustainability in Asia under climate change. It focused on policy gaps and solutions for addressing institutional, socioeconomic, and financial constraints to food and water security.

  • Examine water resource management challenges in agriculture and its impacts on food security under climate change in Asia, particularly among developing countries
  • Highlight farming practices and agricultural technologies for enhancing water use efficiency in agriculture and the potential for upscaling water saving technologies
  • Explore complementary policies for promoting agricultural system development that advances climate change adaptation
Target Participants

Policy makers and agricultural practitioners from Asian Development Bank member economies, and other experts from think tanks, universities, and international organizations

  • Enhanced understanding of climate-smart agriculture
  • Identification of policies that could help improve sustainable agricultural productivity
  • Research presented during the conference will be considered for publication in an International Journal of Water Resources Development special issue

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