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Conference on Regional Cooperation and Integration

Event | 25 February 2014 ADBI, Tokyo, Japan


Regional cooperation and integration (RCI) is an important avenue for fostering rapid and sustained growth, reducing poverty, and building resilient institutions. Through RCI, countries build closer trade, investment and financial links that in, turn, create opportunities for mutual, broad-based, and inclusive growth, especially among developing economies.

Recognizing the importance of RCI in the region's growth and development, ADBI has identified it as a key research theme. Under this theme, several studies have been undertaken to support ADB's mandate of promoting regional cooperation in Asia and the Pacific.

Significant progress has been achieved in RCI since it was formally adopted by ADB as part of its mandates in 1994. However, much work still needs to be done to link member countries to regional priorities. The Seminar on Regional Cooperation and Integration aims to take stock of the progress of RCI in Asia and the Pacific and chart the outlook on RCI by identifying challenges and emerging issues.


  • To assess the progress of RCI.
  • Understand RCI's future directions. Two panels will be arranged to address the issues on past developments and outlook for RCI.


  • Presentation materials
  • Seminar report


Policymakers, academics, outside researchers, and the general public.