Time of Event

16:00-18:00 (Tokyo time)


Compared to other parts of developing Asia, digitalization in Central and West Asia lags due to outdated regulations, uncompetitive investment policies, uneven digital infrastructure, heavy reliance on primary industries, and fragmented governance structures. Addressing these challenges could close the digital gap needed to boost income equality, social cohesion, competitiveness, and sustainable growth in the region.

This ADBI-Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC) Institute virtual policy dialogue explored digital development and related challenges in Central and West Asia. The event also highlighted policy measures for enhancing digitalization in the region, expert views on their feasibility, and possible ways forward.

Simultaneous Russian interpretation and translated materials were provided.

  • Examine new research on digitalization in Central and West Asia
  • Analyze factors contributing to the region’s digital gap
  • Discuss policy solutions for promoting digital development and foreign direct investment within the sector
Target Participants
  • Greater understanding of digitalization challenges and prospects in Central and West Asia
  • Identification of viable measures for closing the region’s digital gap
  • Enhanced policy dialogue and collaboration toward accelerating digital economy growth
  • Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation Institute

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