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Since the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, Japan’s government has taken steps to help Fukushima recover and to manage the risk of future disasters. The Fukushima prefectural government has taken the lead in rebuilding infrastructure, stimulating the economy, and helping industries recuperate.

Attended by officials from ADB development member countries (DMCs), the 3-day intensive workshop will include a 2-day tour of several cities in Fukushima prefecture and share knowledge on how the prefecture has rebuilt its economy. Fukushima government officials will demonstrate the steps taken to manage disaster risk.

  • Show how the Fukushima prefectural government successfully manages disaster risk and recovery
  • Promote discussion among government officials and experts and share policy insights and country experiences related to the topic
  • More than 15 government officials from ADB DMCs, specifically those at high risk of earthquakes and tsunamis; several ADB resource persons and experts
  • Enhanced awareness of disaster risk reduction and disaster risk management to prepare for natural disasters
  • Increased likelihood that DMCs will improve disaster risk management to proactively prepare for disasters and respond more effectively post-disaster to rebuild the economy
  • Improved dialogue and network building between government agencies and international organizations
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