Seminar: Does Fintech Crowd Out Banks? Evidence from the People’s Republic of China

Event | 11 September 2019
ADBI, Tokyo, Japan

Speaker Details

Speaker: Junhong Yang
Affiliation: The University of Sheffield
Time: 15:00–16:00


This research seminar will feature Dr Junhong Yang of Sheffield University Management School who will investigate the extent to which the growth of financial technology or fintech impacts the structure and functions of traditional banks.

Focusing on the People’s Republic of China, Dr Yang will show how the expansion of fintech is negatively associated with bank outreach. He will discuss a possible substitution effect whereby fintech promotes lending without an accompanying geographic footprint. He will also explain that the heterogeneous nature of this substitution effect depends on bank type, size, and location.

Dr Yang will conclude by demonstrating that traditional banks have reacted to the fintech growth by changing their lending policies.

About the Speaker

Dr Junhong Yang is a full-time Assistant Professor at the Sheffield University Management School. His research expertise is in corporate finance, financial technology, social media, financial inclusion, and innovation. He has published in leading journals such as the Journal of Corporate Finance, Oxford Economics Papers, and the European Journal of Finance.

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