As the world emerges from COVID-19 what is the future of the tourism industry? When will the international tourism recover back to pre-pandemic level? A recent report published by ADB in November 2021 on tourism after COVID-19 emphasized that islands would not recover to 2019 levels until 2023 at the earliest (PSDI, 2021). What if this was not the case in which COVID-19 lingered on throughout the 2020s or the reports version of a sustainable future was not the future that occurred? Join this webinar to hear how such questions of uncertainty can be approached in decision making and policy development.


This webinar will present scenarios, assumptions and evaluations of challenges of the Pacific tourism after COVID-19 along with insights and recommendations on sustainable tourism and perspectives from the industry. It will present latest ADB publications on the topic, and aims to highlight the importance of scenario planning and futures thinking and foresight to demonstrate its application in policy and decision-making process.

How to register

Register in advance on Zoom. This webinar is open to public.


Event organizers / partners

  • ADB Futures Club
  • ADB Pacific Department
  • Te Herenga Waka - Victoria University of Wellington

Event Contact

  • Bayarmaa AMARJARGAL (Ms.) Knowledge Management Specialist Knowledge Advisory Services Center Asian Development Bank E-mail contact form