Research Conference on Economic Integration in Asia and Europe: Lessons and Recommended Policies

Event | 28 - 29 October 2019
ADBI, Tokyo, Japan

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Asia and Europe have taken different economic integration paths. Asia has largely embraced loose economic cooperation based on free trade agreements. An exception is the common market created by the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). Europe has favored the highest level of economic integration with the European Union (EU). However, the EU is now facing the possibility of de-integration due to Brexit.

This conference will spotlight research submitted to ADBI in response to a call for papers on economic integration in Asia and Europe. The featured work will analyze the processes of economic integration and their impact on, and risks posed to, economic growth in Asian sub-regions and Europe. It will also identify lessons learned and policy recommendations for addressing economic integration moving forward.

  • Examine how Asia and Europe have differed in their economic integration approaches and outcomes
  • Gauge the potential for de-integration in the EU and ASEAN
  • Develop evidence-based policy recommendations for addressing the future of economic integration

Around 50 policy makers and researchers.

  • Policy recommendations for enhancing regional economic integration
  • Research papers to be submitted to Journal of Economic Integration for possible inclusion in a special issue on Economic Integration in Asia and Europe
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