Energy is the central element of the modern global economy, with the most promising kind of energy for the future being “clean energy”—i.e. technologies for obtaining energy from renewable and other sustainable, non-polluting sources. Its development and improvement is based on the need to build new energy supplies, to resolve environmental issues, and to launch a new phase of technological development. The range and scale of clean energy is very broad, from local wind power stations to global projects for obtaining energy from space. Clean energy development should become an obligatory condition for sustainable development as the basis for preservation of natural systems and maintenance of environmental quality.

Adopting new energy technologies, including clean energy, is difficult to implement. Developing countries have to decide which technology may be relevant in the medium-term, and then adopt policies and actions that will shorten the time lag between the time a technology is available in the developed world and the time it reaches their countries. This is even more difficult today, as new technologies in the energy sector are developing at a much faster pace.

Adopting clean energy technologies is therefore a crucial issue globally, and also for member countries of the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation organization (CAREC). The energy investment needs of CAREC countries are estimated to be over $170 billion dollars, and much of that investment should be in clean energy. Even with the help of multilateral financial institutions such as ADB, governments will not be able to meet these financing needs. The governments of CAREC countries will need more knowledge of future clean energy technologies, and assistance in mobilizing funds for investment.


  • To bring together key government officials, project developers/sponsors, project financiers, equipment manufacturers, and contractors, and to increase the awareness of decision makers and opinion leaders about global energy trends and recent energy innovations;
  • To promote new technologies and remove market barriers;
  • To discuss a range of new technologies that could be adopted by the energy sector in central Asia with an aim to fast-track technology adoption;
  • To promote policy makers’ understanding of clean energy technologies for the future that may be useful in central Asia;
  • To promote policy reforms and investments that enable fast-track adoption of clean energy technology; and
  • To promote regional networking to ensure consistent policy across the region and support for a regional market to fast track technology adoption.


About 150 participants consisting of government officials in the energy sector in CAREC countries, senior management and staff from multilateral and bilateral organizations, private investors, and experts on clean energy.

Participant responsibilities

Actively join discussions and share views and experiences.


  • Enhanced understanding by policy makers of clean energy technologies and relevant policy reforms;
  • Creation of a regional network of policy makers in the energy sector of CAREC countries; and
  • Investments in clean energy technologies in CAREC countries.

How to register

By invitation only.




Energy Division of the Central and West Asia Regional Department, Asian Development Bank (ADB) and Government of Kazakhstan

Time of event

09:00 – 18:00

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