2015 is the target date for achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), the launch of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and it has also been declared the International Year of Evaluation. These three milestones mean that 2015 will be a special year for the international development community at large and for the international evaluation community in particular.

Sustainability permeates all MDGs. It has been given an even more explicit prominence in the SDGs, and is also a key dimension of evaluation practice. To highlight this, ADB's Independent Evaluation Department is hosting Think Sustainable, Act Responsible, a learning event focused on exploring sustainability from three main angles: macroeconomic and fiscal sustainability, project or investment sustainability, and environmental sustainability. The event will take place at ADB Headquarters in Manila, on 15-16 September 2015.

Think Sustainable, Act Responsible will be anchored in a range of recent thematic studies that the Independent Evaluation Department has produced recently, including those on inclusive growth, climate change finance, governance and the mid-term review of Strategy 2020, ADB’s corporate framework. Sustainability is stressed in several evaluations and the Independent Evaluation Department has been looking at this topic in the recent Annual Evaluation Reviews.

To sustain high and quality growth, it is vital that productivity improvements complement investments. In the face of growing inequalities, the reality of continued environmental degradation and runaway climate change, the region’s challenge is to generate innovative ways of productivity expansion. That means greater efficiencies and improved sustainability are needed from investments in physical, human and natural resources. Four aspects of sustainability are especially noteworthy: macroeconomic, fiscal, project and environmental.

The learning event will also be used as a platform to present best-practice awards for self-evaluation; candidates will be selected from the pool of project completion reports and extended annual review reports validated by the Independent Evaluation Department in 2013 and 2014.


The participants of the event will comprise senior government officials from countries in the Asia-Pacific region, private sector executives, leading academes, senior representatives from the development community as well as ADB staff and management.


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