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Governments in Asia and the Pacific recognize infrastructure’s catalyzing role for sustainable growth, yet many of them face difficulties raising the finances needed.

ADBI’s new book is the outcome of more than 3 years of research to address this problem. The book provides several country studies, the latest evidence on the impact of infrastructure investment on economic and social indicators, and how infrastructure investment can increase output, taxes, trade, and firm productivity. Based on this evidence, the book proposes innovative modes of infrastructure financing.

The book will be presented by its three editors, ADBI Dean Naoyuki Yoshino, Senior Economist Matthias Helble, and Project Consultant Umid Abidhadjaev. Keynote speeches will be given by the Philippines’ secretary of Public Works and Highways, Mark Villar, and senior fellow at the Global Economy and Development Program at Brookings Institution, Amar Bhattacharya. ADB’s Abdul Abiad will serve as the discussant.


Launch ADBI’s new book which provides answers to the following questions:

  • What is the impact of infrastructure investment on economic and social indicators?
  • By how much can infrastructure investment increase output, taxes, trade, and firm productivity?
  • How can spillover effects be used to finance infrastructure investment?
  • Better understanding of the impact and new sources of infrastructure financing.
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