Time of event

16:00–18:30 Tokyo time


Rapid advancements in financial technology, or fintech, are opening the door to greater financial inclusion and sustainable development in Asia and the Pacific. However, the growing knowledge gap between innovators and regulators regarding fintech and business models that apply it threatens to undermine the benefits while giving rise to new challenges.

If inadequately addressed, associated risks such as fraud, data privacy breaches, and other cyber vulnerabilities could increasingly harm consumers and stability. Regulatory deficiencies could also hinder competitiveness and growth within the fintech sector. Yet, for many policy makers, particularly in the region’s developing economies, keeping pace with fintech innovation is extremely difficult given their frequent lack of specialized knowledge and skills.

This webinar featured presentations from ADBI-funded participants in a regularly convened online course on fintech and regulatory innovation organized by ADBI, the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance, and Cambridge Judge Business School Executive Education Limited. The presentations showcased project research that examines fintech regulatory sandboxes, cryptomining, support for small and medium-sized enterprises and startups, and financial inclusion.

  • Explore fintech innovation and regulatory development in Asia and the Pacific
  • Assess evolving regulatory needs within the fintech sector and the implications for financial inclusion, financial stability, and risk management
  • Better understanding of fintech innovation and new regulatory challenges and opportunities
  • Enhanced capacity to address the changing fintech and regulatory landscape in Asia and the Pacific
  • Greater impetus for policy dialogue, research, and collaboration between stakeholders
  • Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance
  • Cambridge Judge Business School Executive Education Limited
Conference Presentations

Introduction of the Program
Dee Allen, Education and Capacity Building Lead, Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance


Session 1.1: Financing Green Investment Platform
Sophea Sem, Deputy Director, Macroeconomic and Fiscal Policy Department, Ministry of Economy and Finance, Cambodia


Session 2.1: One-stop Solution Platform for SMEs and Startups in Thailand
Pavadee Burapapong, Officer, Financial Technology, Securities and Exchange Commission, Thailand


Session 2.2: Financial Inclusion in India
Praveen Kamat, Deputy General Manager, Capital Market Development, International Financial Services Centres Authority (IFSCA), India


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