Workshop on Fostering Sustainable SME Development and Firm Performance in Asia amid De-Globalization

Event | 5 March 2020
ADBI, Tokyo, Japan

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Continued trade tensions, rising protectionism, and populism are significant obstacles to future growth. These challenges are especially salient for Asia and firms operating in the region given their potential to greatly disrupt global value chains while raising uncertainty about WTO rules and leaving preferential trade arrangements prone to renegotiation as in the case of Brexit and NAFTA. Many businesses are rethinking their supply chains, moving to new locations, or postponing investments, contributing to a slowdown in growth in both developed and developing economies.

Despite these trends, integration into global production networks and attracting knowledge capital embodied in foreign direct investment remain strategic pillars of development for many emerging markets seeking to import high quality intermediate goods, export to new markets, and improve productivity via resulting knowledge and technology transfers. At the same time, expanding business efficiency and capital cost discrepancies imply that, while high growth may be limited to a narrow number of firms, aggregate productivity of the economy increases only slowly. In addition, environmental and income distribution concerns indicate that growth policies must address a much more complex set of issues, spanning trade, industrial, competition, and fiscal policies

This workshop is an activity of the Productivity Research Network established by ADBI, the National University of Singapore Business School, and Asian Bureau of Financial and Economic Research. The event will examine the findings of empirical research submitted in response to a call for papers on productivity drivers in countries in Asia and the Pacific amid de-globalization.

  • Improve understanding of evolving productivity and innovation drivers in Asia and the Pacific
  • Analyze supply-side policies that promote access to finance by SMEs and foster higher SME productivity and innovation as de-globalization forces build
  • Spotlight firm-level data analysis that contributes to empirical literature and regional policy dialogue

40 policy makers and experts expected

  • Identification of solutions for raising productivity in the face of de-globalization challenges
  • Articles to be considered for publication as ADBI working papers and journal articles
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National University of Singapore (NUS) and INSEAD, Productivity Research Network (PRN)