Gender, Voice, and Agency: MDB-Sponsored Workshop | Asian Development Bank

Gender, Voice, and Agency: MDB-Sponsored Workshop

Event | 2 - 4 June 2014 ADB Headquarters, Manila, Philippines


The workshop focuses on women's and girls' "agency" – the ability to make decisions about their life, voice out their needs, and act upon them.

It will discuss and share key conceptual frameworks, research findings, and promising approaches in the following five expressions of voice and agency:

  • freedom from violence;
  • access to and control over productive assets and resources;
  • freedom of movement;
  • voice and participation in national and local governance structure, and decision-making processes; and decision making over family formation.

The workshop will also explore the overarching legal frameworks and institutions including civil registration and legal identify to enhance women's agency.

Target participants

Participants will comprise representatives from governments, private sector and civil society, primarily from Asia and the Pacific but also from other global regions, as well as staff and resource speakers from the multilateral development banks, UN agencies, bilateral agencies and other development partners.

See Agenda.