Getting Policies and Practices Right: Public Sector Management Issues in Asia

Event | 28 October 2013 Manasseh Meyer Seminar Room 3-1, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore, 469C Bukit Timah Road, Singapore


The conference will present the findings of research papers on policy areas supported by ADB and co-authored by Lee Kuan Yew School faculty members and ADB staff. Research papers include:

  • Fiscal Decentralization in Indonesia: Local Infrastructure Impact and Finance;
  • Designing an Equitable and Sustainable Framework for Natural Resource Management in Mongolia;
  • Assessment of the Pakistan Microfinance Sector's Role in Promoting Financial Inclusion;
  • Private Public Partnerships in Water Sector in India; and
  • Health Sector Governance in People's Republic of China.


The conference will:

  • present findings of the researches and solicit comments from participants;
  • share knowledge on the challenges and prospects in governance, public policy, and public sector management in the region; and
  • stimulate ideas and allow participants to explore potential collaborations with the public sector on different policy areas.

Target participants

The conference is open to all interested government officials, policymakers, researchers, faculty, students, and private sector representatives.

Resource speakers

The Lee Kuan Yew School lead authors will present the research papers. Panelists, to be composed of experts from the countries of study and ADB staff, will lead the discussions.