Global Infrastructure Forum 2020 – Building a Resilient Future post COVID-19

Event | 6 - 8 October 2020

The Global Infrastructure Forum 2020 is the product of a collaboration of multilateral development banks and, running since 2016. The forum aims to bring together members of the infrastructure community to take part in discussions on enhancing the development and delivery of infrastructure worldwide.

The virtual forum consists of a program of nine 60-minute webinars held over three days.

Who should attend?

The forum is free of charge to the infrastructure community, with delegates joining from governments, investors and lenders, multilateral development banks, advisors and other international private and public sector organizations.

Forum objectives

  • Enhance coordination among multilateral development banks and their development partners to better develop sustainable, accessible, resilient, and quality infrastructure for emerging countries.
  • Focus on how governments and their working partners can attract more resources for infrastructure.
  • In the context of COVID-19, there will be a focus on ‘building back better’ through resiliency and mitigation of future pandemic impacts.

How to join

See full details on the website of the lead organizer the IPFA or get in touch with IPFA with any queries. Registration is free. Please note, after the forum, delegates will receive the recordings to all sessions (not just the one(s) registered to). Registrations are being managed by IPFA.

ADB serves as one of the collaborators of the event and will host a session (6 October):

Session 2: The Role of Institutional Investors during a Pandemic 

ADB’s Public Private Partnership Thematic Group Chief Srinivas Sampath will serve as panelist during a session (7 October):

Session 3: Infrastructure Project Preparation

Event organizers and partners