The event will bring together government and civil society representatives from seven countries in Asia (Bangladesh, Indonesia, India, Mongolia, Philippines, Timor Leste and Sri Lanka) to exchange knowledge, good practices, innovative approaches and lessons on a range of open government related topics including: Asset Disclosure, Right to Information, Open Budgets and more broadly Open Data at national, provincial and local levels.


ADB has joined the Open Government Partnership (OGP) which is about promoting transparency, empowering citizens, fighting corruption, and harnessing new technologies to strengthen governance.

ADB has committed to supporting developing member countries (DMCs) adopt open government principles by joining the OGP. Legislation on access to information and on asset disclosure are two requirements for DMCs to become eligible for OGP. These requirements are also important for designing initiatives funded by the Governance Cooperation Fund (GCF).


The event aims to focus on enhancing knowledge about working models associated with Open Government that embrace information provision and monitoring mechanisms for tracking and reporting results. It is about good practices of citizen engagement in making governments better. It will look at the political conditions influencing implementation and critical success factors necessary for delivery of results. Participating countries will be able to track their learning objectives through a process of self-assessment.


ADB staff, development partners, and representatives from developing member countries and civil society organizations.

By invitation only.

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