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Policy makers in developing countries are eager to learn from the experiences of developed countries with regard to large-scale public infrastructure such as high-speed rail (HSR).

India’s government has announced plans to adopt Japan’s shinkansen technology for the HSR project between Mumbai and Ahmedabad. JR East is providing technical support based on its extensive experience as a shinkansen operator in Japan.

About the Speaker

Shigeru Morichi is the director of the Policy Research Center at the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies, Tokyo. He is professor emeritus at the University of Tokyo and a former president of the Japan Society of Civil Engineers. His biography is available here.

  • Share policy insights and relevant experiences among government officials, industry experts, and researchers
  • Exchange views on the planning, implementation, and operation of HSR and urban development in Asia
  • Increase knowledge among participants on key issues related to the planning, implementation, and operation of HSR in Asia

Around 30 officials from governments and embassies, industry experts, university faculty members, and researchers

Participant responsibilities

Actively join discussions and share views


Better knowledge and enhanced capacity for:

  • construction and operation of HSR
  • financing arrangements, tariff setting, and revenue
  • coordination with regional and local governments
  • land acquisition for infrastructure investment
  • station development
  • institution building and staff capacity development
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