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The webinar will explain to bankers how they can digitize their trade finance business. The International Chamber of Commerce and three leading companies that digitize banks’ trade finance business will explain how they can help banks achieve digitization, a critical goal for the industry.

Time of event: 3:30 - 4:30 p.m. (SGT)


  • ICC guidance on digital documents
  • How banks can digitize – time, effort, operational procedures, cost
  • Onboarding banks’ clients to digitization
  • Opportunity for question and answer during the webinar

Target participants

1,000 participants all over the world from the following industries:

  • Commercial banks
  • Bank regulators
  • Corporates
  • International organizations on trade

Resource speakers

Moderator: Steven Beck, Head of Trade and Supply Chain Finance, ADB


  • David Meynell, Co-owner of & Senior Technical Advisor ICC Banking Commission
  • Gadi Ruschin, CEO & Co-founder, WAVE (OGYDocs)
  • Jacco de Jong, Global Head of Sales, Bolero International
  • Alexander Goulandris, co-CEO and CRO, essDocs

How to register

Please register through the link:

Event organizers / partners

ADB’s Trade Finance Program | Partner: ICC Academy

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