Time of event

14:00–18:20 Tokyo time


Understanding the efficacy of human capital development policies is challenging due to the myriad factors affecting education attainment, health outcomes, skills development, and their interaction with the economy. The COVID-19 pandemic has added another dimension to this complex system. Well-designed impact evaluation studies that employ big data could help to assess and enhance the performance of human capital development measures in Asia and the Pacific.

This ADBI-Asian Development Bank-Korea Development Institute-International Initiative for Impact Evaluation virtual conference explored impact evaluation studies on various aspects of human capital development. There were special sessions on: i) impact evaluation of COVID-19 responses; ii) the use of big data in impact evaluation; and iii) impact evaluation capacity building for government officials to strengthen policy making in the region.

  • Highlight the potential for impact evaluation studies to boost human capital development in Asia
  • Promote impact evaluation innovation, with a focus on the use of big data
  • Build the impact evaluation capacity of government officials
  • Enhanced regional capacity to apply impact evaluation studies to promote human capital development
  • Greater impetus for dialogue, information exchange, and innovation for optimizing impact evaluation use
  • Conference presentation materials to be uploaded on the ADBI website
  • Asian Development Bank (ADB)
  • Korea Development Institute School (KDIS)
  • International Initiative for Impact Evaluation (3ie)

Event Contact

  • Arthur, Linda Faustina Senior CBT Specialist Capacity Building and Training ADB Institute E-mail contact form
  • Zheng, Lingfeng Research Associate Capacity Building and Training ADB Institute E-mail contact form