International Anticorruption Day 2013

Event | 9 December 2013 ADB Headquarters, Manila, Philippines


December 9 is International Anticorruption Day. This year's iACT (ADB's internal anticorruption campaign) actively engages the participation of resident missions, acknowledging the vital front line role each plays in upholding ADB's integrity in ADB members.

In the week leading up to 9 Dec 2013, ADB's Office of Anticorruption and Integrity and the Regional and Sustainable Development Department coordinated with other departments in ADB to carry out a series of learning events in ADB headquarters that showcase the anticorruption efforts of participating regional and other departments in ADB.


At the end of the learning events, participants will have:

  • understood how the efforts of the regional missions and developing members have strengthened countries' integrity systems and anticorruption efforts; and
  • known how civil societies are engaged in ADB's anticorruption efforts. ADB staff, consultants, contractors.