The International Financial Institutions Business Opportunities Seminar will focus on energy and water-related procurement opportunities in Southeast Asia.

Key speakers from ADB, Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank (to be confirmed), and World Bank Group will deliver presentations on:

  1. Energy and water sector priorities for Southeast Asia;
  2. Sector trends, expertise and technologies of interest to international financial institutions;
  3. Procurement guidelines and processes;
  4. Potential opportunities for Canadian companies;
  5. Pipeline of energy and water projects; and
  6. Other available funding windows (grants, technical assistance facilities) – to be confirmed. 

A moderated Q&A session will follow the presentations.


  • Gain greater awareness of ADB, AIIB, and WBG procurement opportunities in the water and energy sectors;
  • Facilitate better understanding of international financial institutions operations, procurement guidelines and processes, international financial institutions grant and technical assistance facilities.
  • Leverage opportunity to engage key sector specialists/speakers from the banks through the panel discussion/Q&A session;
  • Obtain valuable and practical insights (and tips) directly from key sector specialists/speakers to enhance quality and content of an expression of interest;
  • Build and pursue actionable pipeline of projects best matched with the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) clients’ capabilities
  • Learn from peers and receive coaching from Offices of Liaison with International Financial Institutions (OLIFI) Trade commissioners.

Target participants

Canadian infrastructure, clean tech, design and engineering, professional services, and ICT firms with applicable services and solutions for the energy and water sectors; transaction/legal advisors; TCS partners.

Resource speakers

Water and energy sector experts from

  • ADB
    • Stephen Peters, Senior Energy Specialist (Waste-to-Energy), Sustainable Development and Climate Change Department
    • Jelle Beekma, Senior Water Resources Specialist, Sustainable Development and Climate Change Department
  • AIIB
    • Wanli Fang , Senior Investment Officer-Urban
    • Ziwei Liao, Senior Private Sector Operations Specialist
  • World Bank
    • Sudipto Sarkar, Water Practice Manager, East Asia and Pacific region
    • Jie Tang, Practice Manager for the Energy and Extractive Global Practice

How to register

Registration is closed.

Event organizers / partners

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