Investing in Gender Equality: Knowledge-Sharing between Europe and Asia

Event | 6 March 2018
EIB Headquarters, Luxembourg


Building both on evaluation findings and on more diffuse experience in the two organizing institutions and in the community of practice at large, the event will foster an open discussion about the challenges and opportunities associated with promoting and integrating the gender dimension in the operations of international and development financial institutions. The focus will be primarily on mid- and high-income country contexts, where most of EIB’s and an increasing share of ADB’s activities are concentrated.

Sessions and participants

The event, designed to attract public and private sector professionals, academia, and the civil society, will feature a keynote address by EIB’s Secretary General, Marjut Santoni as well as two-panel discussions:

  • The first session on the operation perspective will address the question “What have we learned about mainstreaming gender?” The discussion will take stock of lessons learned about capturing, tracking and evaluating gender in different contexts, and how we can equip ourselves to learn and do better. Building partially on recent evaluations, this session will examine which types of interventions and approaches to promote gender equality work (and do not work) in which contexts, and why. The discussion will revolve around current operations, both lending and technical assistance, that made an effort to include gender in their design and implementation. Panellists and participants will also look at the monitoring and evaluation mechanisms put in place to assess the effectiveness and impact of gender-sensitive measures in operations.
  • The second session will take an institutional perspective to discuss “What does it take for IFIs to sustainably integrate gender in their operations?” This session will look at ways to sustainably integrate gender in multilateral banks’ operations. It will discuss the efforts organizations such as the ADB and EIB are making to equip themselves with appropriate policies, procedures, tools and skills (including leadership) in order to successfully mainstream gender in their operations, across a variety of sectors and countries. Panellists and participants will exchange on various approaches and initiatives in this field, and discuss the merits and challenges associated with each of them. 


The event is organized by the Evaluation Office of the European Investment Bank (EIB), in partnership with the Independent Evaluation Department of Asian Development Bank (ADB).

How to register

Please register by noon (CET) 1 March 2018 through the registration page.  


The event will take place at EIB’s headquarters in Luxembourg this upcoming 6 March 2018, in the context of this years’ International Women’s Day celebrations.