Given the rapid changes in Asia and the Pacific and the fact that most of ADB’s developing member countries (DMCs) have attained middle-income status, ADB’s continued relevance will increasingly depend on its role as a knowledge institution. Even as DMC clients often turn to ADB for high standards in project design and implementation, and the transfer of technology and good practices, more can, and should be done.

ADB Strategy 2030 recognizes that while ADB can build on its strong existing knowledge base, it also has to adapt to increasingly agile knowledge context driven by new and emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, automation of processes, and new digitally enhanced ways of connected people and knowledge.

The 2018 ADB Knowledge Forum will bring together knowledge practitioners and leads from international financial institutions and other multilateral organizations, internal and external partners, and ADB staff to learn and discuss knowledge management practices, tools, application of knowledge management in development institutions, among others, through interactive discussions, knowledge sharing, training, and networking.


The objectives of the 2018 Knowledge Forum are to:

  • Take stock of the state of play of knowledge and knowledge management in development;
  • Share good practices and discuss in collaboration with partners how ADB can strengthen its role as a knowledge institution and provider; and
  • Learn new and innovative techniques to create and apply knowledge in development

Target participants

  • ADB staff from headquarters and resident missions (specifically, knowledge management focals) keen to improve their capacity in developing and implementing knowledge initiatives in ADB
  • ADB staff from operations departments (management, project team leaders and members) interested to learn knowledge management practices from other international financial institutions
  • ADB’s internal and external partners supporting knowledge enhancement and knowledge management work in ADB


The forum will address the following topics:

1. Knowledge to action

  • How to ensure that ADB strengthens and leverages its research capacity for high quality advice and support [technical and financial] to DMCs

2. Knowledge and innovation

  • How to maximize knowledge for, and from, innovations so as to better support development outcomes of DMCs

3. Break knowledge silos

  • How to promote, share, and disseminate knowledge across the institution
  • How to create, and expand knowledge partnerships for results

The Knowledge Forum is designed to encourage a more hands-on and participatory approach to learning and knowledge sharing. The sessions will feature:

  • New Insights: Sessions will be designed to provide participants with new insights into knowledge management and ways of thinking for example: Disruptive technologies, machine learning, Futures thinking, using behavior change insights to improve knowledge management
  • Networking: All sessions will be designed to create relational experiences so as to expand and strengthen networks.
  • Practice-based: All sessions will be centered on practical how-to knowledge.
  • Interactive techniques built around active roles for participants: Facilitative techniques will be deployed that create active roles for participants during the forum.

Resource speakers

  • Sohail Inayatullah, UNESCO Chair for Future Studies
  • Rene Rohrbeck, Professor of Strategy at Aarhus University, Denmark and Partner of the Strategic Foresight + Innovation consultancy
  • Nicholas Milton, Founder Knoco Ltd.
  • Serafin Talisayon, Director for R&D, Community and Corporate Learning for Innovation
  • Other knowledge management practitioners and resource speakers from international financial institutions, think tanks, academia, external partners will speak at the forum.

How to register

Non-ADB participants may register here.

As slots are limited, please wait for an email confirmation from the Forum Secretariat stating that you have been accepted as a participant.

Event organizers / partners

Gambhir Bhatta
Advisor and Head, Knowledge Sharing and Services Center
Sustainable Development and Climate Change, ADB
Tel (632) 632-5472
Email: [email protected]

Vivek Raman
Senior Operations Coordination Specialist (Innovation and Knowledge), Office of the Director General 
Sustainable Development and Climate Change, ADB
Tel (632) 632-1026
Email: [email protected]

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Presentation materials

See presentation materials from this event on ADB Knowledge Events.

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