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Conference on Land Management in Asia: Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals

Event | 10 - 11 December 2018 ADBI, Tokyo, Japan
Time of event

Day 1: 9:15–18:30
Day 2: 9:30–12:30


The “land question” has invigorated agrarian studies and economic history for a long time. Recent studies argue that land trust or land lease is one of the best ways to increase the rate of return to attract private investors from infrastructure investment and industrialization.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) proposed by the United Nations address global challenges ranging from poverty and inequality to clean energy, peace, and life on land, among others. Political upheaval resulting from forcible land grabs driven by industrialization in many parts of Asia point to the need for a sustainable policy––a framework that results in a positive-sum game, benefitting landowners without hurting growth prospects. Although many Asian countries have implemented the SDGs, we are yet to fully explore existing and diverse institutional bottlenecks ranging from the legal and social to the political and even environmental aspects.

This ADBI conference on land management in Asia aims to address these shortcomings. It combines theoretical research and policy-relevant empirical studies on the following themes:

  1. Beyond land trust
    • The social, political, and legal impediments to implementing land trust
    • The feasibility of an alternative framework or institution
  2. Empirical evidence on private land ownership and individual well-being in Asia
  3. Alternative ways of understanding losses to landowners during compulsory land acquisition (such as by using Sen’s Capability Approach)
  4. Mechanisms for sharing gains from infrastructure projects involving public–private partnerships among the private sector, affected landowners, and society
  • Learn the social, legal and political impediments to land trust across Asia
  • Learn alternative ways to evaluate socio-economic aspects of land acquisition
  • Further understand the role of public private partnerships in land management in Asia
  • Better understand how the above will help achieve the SDGs
  • Leading scholars and policy makers
  • Experts from ADB and other international organizations
  • Background papers and ADBI working papers
  • An ADBI book and/ or special issue in a reputed journal
  • Guest editors of the proposed book or special journal issue will be ADBI Dean Naoyuki Yoshino, Piyush Tiwari (University of Melbourne), and Saumik Paul (ADBI)