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Live Online Chat: Powering Myanmar's Growth

Event | 15 January 2014 Online

Since Myanmar's reform process began in 2011, its energy architecture has seen many positive developments. A robust energy development plan is crucial to the successful continuation of the country's economic and social development.

In this discussion, we focused on:

  • what will it take to upgrade Myanmar's energy infrastructure to better meet the goals of the "energy triangle," ie achieving economic growth and development to provide energy access and security in an environmentally sustainable fashion?
  • sources of generation, transmission and distribution networks: what are the challenges facing the country in their modernization?
  • are small-scale hybrid renewable systems and off-grid renewable systems a realistic solution to energy poverty in the country's rural areas?

Chong Chi Nai

Chong Chi Nai is Director of Energy Division, Southeast Asia Department of the Asian Development Bank. He leads and identifies priority areas of work for the division in energy supply and usage with particular emphasis on energy efficiency and low-carbon and renewable energy.

Jong-Inn Kim

Jong-Inn Kim is Lead Energy Specialist in ADB's Southeast Asia Department where he is responsible for the energy sector operations in Myanmar. He led the team that prepared the country's energy sector initial assessment and was one of the main contributors to the publication New Energy Architecture: Myanmar.

Anthony J. Jude

Anthony J. Jude is a Senior Advisor in the Office of the Director General of ADB's Regional and Sustainable Development Department as well as Practice Leader of Energy. He has over 29 years of work experience in the energy sector as consultant, researcher and lecturer.