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Live Online Chat - Supporting Women's Contribution to the Fight against Climate Change

Event | 26 March 2014 Online

Women play a front line role in managing energy, waste, and water resources and are uniquely positioned to contribute in the fight against climate change. Yet new research funded by the Nordic Development Fund shows women are rarely considered in the disbursal of multi-million dollar global climate funds.

  • In a changing climate finance landscape, how can we help women gain better access to finance and national institutions deliver it in a more effective, efficient and inclusive way?
  • How can the Green Climate Fund and other sources of climate financing reach more women and help harness their potential to be agents of change for effective mitigation initiatives?

Social Development Specialist Linda Adams, Viet Nam Country Specialist Lauren Sorkin, and Climate Finance Expert Liane Schalatek were joined by climate finance specialist Liane Schalatek (Heinrich Boell Foundation) to discuss challenges and opportunities of making climate finance more effective and equitable by targeting women.

Practitioners from various countries shared their experience in accessing climate finance for gender responsive projects. Panelists shared their lessons learned from the ADB project "Harnessing Climate Change Mitigation Initiatives to Benefit Women" in Viet Nam, Cambodia and the Lao People's Democratic Republic and suggested the need for a more systematic and ambitious approach to auditing climate projects and finance flows. The participants discussed the recent developments in the climate finance landscape in anticipation of a new gender responsive Green Climate Fund and what role Multilateral Development Banks such as ADB could play to make climate finance work for women.

Lauren Sorkin

Lauren Sorkin is an environment, climate change and knowledge management specialist working in ADB's Viet Nam Resident Mission. Prior to joining ADB, she worked for the USAID Eco-Asia Clean Development and Climate Program, the European Commission and the Worldwatch Institute.

Linda Adams

Linda Adams is a Social Development Specialist in ADB's Southeast Asia Department. Prior to joining ADB she worked as social development consultant for various multilateral and bilateral development organizations and NGOs, including the World Bank, United Nations, DFID, USAID, SNV and CARE International.

Liane Schalatek

Liane Schalatek is Associate Director of the Heinrich Böll Foundation North America, where her work focuses on international climate finance, with an emphasis on public climate finance flows and on equitable access to climate funding, including addressing the gender dimensions of climate change with respect to climate finance. Liane has 10 years of experience in global governance, specifically international trade and finance, as well as the promotion of gender equality and women's empowerment.