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Day 1: 09:00–17:30
Day 2: 09:00–14:00


Over the past decade, the global financial crisis and the rise of the digital economy have created new challenges for the management of the economy. During this period, emerging economies in Asia and the Pacific and elsewhere have had to deal with large and volatile capital flows. While such capital flows have helped to accelerate economic growth and development, they have also increased exposure to volatility in domestic consumption, currency and maturity mismatches, and boom and bust cycles in asset prices.

These developments have made new approaches to capital flow management and improving resilience to capital flow shocks more important than ever. Correspondingly, the adoption and growth of fintech has implications for cross-border capital flows. Innovations related to payments systems, maturity transformation, and the allocation of capital can create challenges for macroeconomic stabilization by disrupting the efficacy of policy tools used to manage the economy.

This conference will examine the impact of digital finance on the macroeconomy, the resilience of emerging markets to capital flow shocks, and capital flow management. It will also explore monetary and financial stability in the digital age, the role of fintech in monetary policy transmission, and new challenges for monetary policy makers and financial regulators.

  • Improve understanding of the effects of advances in digital finance on macroeconomic stabilization in Asia and the Pacific and elsewhere
  • Gauge the resilience of emerging economies to capital flow shocks
  • Explore new challenges for central banks and financial supervisors

About 30 central bankers, other policy makers, and policy researchers.

  • Presentation of research papers
  • Dissemination of the conference findings via the publication of ADBI working papers and a possible ADBI edited book
How to register

By invitation or prior arrangement with ADBI.


Sim Kee Boon Institute (SKBI), Singapore Management University (SMU)

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