The conference will cover the rise of digital platforms and how we can make them work for Asia, including their applications during and after the COVID-19 outbreak. In particular, the presentations will be organized along the following topics:

  • Asia and global experience;
  • Leveraging digital technology in COVID-19 times;
  • Digital platform and human capital;
  • Digital platform and business;
  • Policy issues


Amid the proliferation of platform economy in our day-to-day life, there is a need to understand the breadth, scope, and impact of the platform economy in our economic life. This conference will gather leading academics, policymakers, and international organizations to discuss the scope, framework, measurement, and issues related to the platform economy and how we can make digital platforms work for Asia and how digital platforms can help Asia attain more resilient growth and sustainable development.

From ADB's members:

  • policymakers
  • international organizations
  • government officials
  • think-tanks, institutes, academia, and centers of excellence
  • ADB staff and consultants

How to register

By invitation. Invited people join through the MS Teams conference link.

Event organizers / partners

  • Economic Research and Regional Cooperation Department, ADB
  • ADB Institute (ADBI)
  • Philippine Institute for Development Studies

Event Contact