Mini-Workshop on Capacity Building Toward Social Innovation

Event | 19 January 2018
ADBI, Tokyo, Japan

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Innovation is expected to become commonplace in the future. In this mini-workshop, “commonplace in the future” is ideated based on the method. is an educational program for developing the ability to create innovative ideas for products, services, business models, and social systems. It started in 2009 at the University of Tokyo and emphasizes the importance of human-centered innovation.

The mini-workshop will use APISNOTE, a web-based tool with digital sticky notes, developed at to allow remote participation in workshops.


To gather professionals and experts at ADBI and introduce them to

  • the method of workshop using analogical and cognitive thinking and ideation; and
  • APISNOTE, a digital application for collaboration and ideation.

Senior experts, project consultants, research associates, and professional staff at ADBI

Participant responsibilities
  • Actively join discussions and share views and experiences
  • Bring their own laptops to be able to access APISNOTE

Better understanding of the workshop method, APISNOTE, social innovation, and ideation

How to get there

Click here.

How to register

By invitation only