Time of event

09:00–15:15 (Colombo, Sri Lanka time)
12:30–18:45 (Tokyo time)


The conduct of monetary policy is increasingly challenging for emerging Asian economies due to the effects of COVID-19, unconventional monetary policies in advanced countries, volatile capital flows, volatile commodity prices, and the spillover effects of trade conflicts.

This ADBI-Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL)-Asia-Pacific Applied Economics Association virtual workshop took place in recognition of CBSL’s 70th anniversary and featured research that examines monetary policy, banking and finance, and central banking imperatives for developing Asia.

  • Assess the development of monetary policy, banking and finance, and central banking in Sri Lanka and other emerging Asian economies
  • Spotlight key monetary policy challenges in the region and evidence-based recommendations for strengthening the sector in the face of growing uncertainty
  • Central bankers, think tank researchers, and academics
  • Enhanced understanding of factors affecting the conduct of monetary policy in emerging Asian economies
  • Improved dialogue and support for monetary policy development and research
  • Presentations and related materials to be made available on the ADBI website
  • Featured research papers will be considered for publication in a special issue of an SSCI-listed journal
  • Central Bank of Sri Lanka
  • Asia-Pacific Applied Economics Association

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