Workshop: Policies and Governance for Gender Equality and Competitive Female Labor in Asia

Event | 14 - 15 June 2017
Seoul, Republic of Korea


Women’s participation in the labor force has remained low in many Asian countries. This in itself is an issue. However as many countries face aging populations, increasing female participation in the paid labor market is key. To ensure gender-balanced participation, governments must address gender-related barriers that prevent or discourage women from entering paid work, encourage gender equality in the workplace, tackle social norms emphasizing women’s domestic responsibilities, and provide support for working women in general, and parents in particular, to better reconcile work and family life.

This two-day course-based training will provide essential knowledge on the subject and promote discussion among participants to help them come up with innovative and feasible policies for achieving this goal.


  • To enhance the capacity of policy makers to estimate the importance of gender equality for inclusive development;
  • To address perennial and contemporary challenges facing married women and working parents in balancing work with their personal lives; and
  • To provide policy recommendations for ensuring a more inclusive and gender-balanced workforce.


About 22 participants and speakers drawn from governments of ADB’s DMCs, particularly officials from ministries of labor and human resources, and national agencies involved in gender empowerment in the workplace. Speakers will comprise academics and policy makers from developed and developing countries.


  • Better understanding of current challenges in ensuring a gender balanced and more inclusive workplace in emerging Asian countries;
  • Discussions and policy prescriptions for alleviating those challenges; and
  • Increased networking of government officials from developing countries with policy makers and academics to gain firsthand knowledge and experience related to inclusive development in developing countries.

How to register

By invitation only.




Keidanren–Japan, Korea Labor Institute, and Korea Women’s Development Institute

Time of event

09:00 - 18:00