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The Asian Development Bank report Supporting Quality Infrastructure in Developing Asia emphasizes the importance of the Group of 20 (G20) Principles for Quality Infrastructure Investment for sustainable development and recovery. However, quality infrastructure growth is a complex process that requires the application of such principles in project design, planning, construction, operations, and management.

This ADBI policy maker e-training course will examine infrastructure systems and principles for developing quality infrastructure in Asia, drawing on case studies and best practices from Japan and worldwide. Topics will include project conceptualization, motivation, acceleration, and potential slowdown factors, as well as project types, investment plans and their stakeholder effects, operational management, and international cooperation.

Among the course requirements include 5 video-based modules which must be completed between 6 March-9 April 2023:

Module 1: Principles for Infrastructure Development

Module 2: Infrastructure Commercialization and Business Entity

Module 3: Infrastructure Planning and Decision Making

Module 4: Infrastructure Operations and Maintenance

Module 5: International Cooperation for Infrastructure Development

Upon completing the modules, the course convenors will review performance and invite qualified participants to join a virtual policy workshop as a panelist or discussant on 20 April 2023. Invited participants will be asked to present country case studies.

  • Explore approaches for planning and implementing large-scale public infrastructure and overseas development assistance
  • Highlight principles for developing quality infrastructure across the different stages of a project
  • Discuss policy strategies and responses
Target Participants

Selected government officials responsible for policy formulation and evaluation in Asian Development Bank developing member countries

  • Enhanced understanding of infrastructure systems and principles for developing quality infrastructure in Asia
  • Greater capacity among government officials and partners to support quality infrastructure growth

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