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Regional energy cooperation can play a vital role in ensuring sustainable energy security. Subregional power trade can help meet energy demand while maximizing scarce natural resources. By using different peak times of neighboring countries, regional power trade can reduce the need to build new power generation plants in each country. Regional and subregional networks, as well as ADB, have thus been promoting effective energy cooperation among countries in Asia and the Pacific.

However, energy infrastructure such as transmission facilities and soft infrastructure such as regulatory frameworks and trade facilitation mechanisms for energy are mostly absent in developing countries in the region. The lack of shared energy policy and energy infrastructure for cross-border energy trade hinders regional cooperation and diversification of energy sources, making them vulnerable to oil price volatility.

The Asian Development Bank Institute and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) will organize a workshop, Policy Workshop on Smart Grids, to build government officials’ capacity to design energy policies to promote energy cooperation. The workshop will focus on (a) cross-border energy trade and investment, (b) electric power grid interconnections in Northeast Asia, and (c) institutional approaches to energy sector development in Asia and the Pacific.

  • Promote discussion among government officials and experts, and share policy insights and country experiences related to smart grid development, and cross-border power trading and investment
  • Build the capacity of officials to design and implement innovative approaches to smart grid development and cross-border power trading and investment
  • About 32 midlevel government officials from the ministries of economy, foreign affairs, power, energy, environment, or any relevant agencies involved in power and energy policy of Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Thailand, and Viet Nam
  • Experts from ADB and academia
  • Shared knowledge and experiences on cross-border power trading in Asia, based on complementarities in the region
  • Greater understanding of the risks impeding progress in power trading and logistics in Asia
  • Good case examples of regional cooperation
  • Knowledge-sharing and discussion platform for promoting cross-border power trading and regional cooperation in Asia
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