This workshop will provide policy makers in Asian countries with an opportunity to discuss project financing, railway infrastructure development, and regulatory reform with leading experts from international organizations, universities, and the private sector.


Recent rapid economic growth of countries in Asia has increased demand for connective infrastructure, but supply is unable to keep up. This is a challenge for many policy makers as the infrastructure must generate a positive and sustainable effect. Another challenge is project financing. The main impediment to investment is not a lack of financing—given the abundance of funds in world markets and low long-term interest rates—but the difficulty of matching financiers with projects.


The workshop will bring together experts and government officials to discuss project financing, railway infrastructure development, and regulatory reform.


25 senior government officials responsible for fiscal policy and railway infrastructure development, and experts from international organizations, think tanks, and the private sector.

Participant responsibilities

Participants are expected to attend and actively participate in all sessions.


  • Discuss challenges facing project financing, project design, and regulatory reform as they relate to connective infrastructure development, especially railways
  • Provide an opportunity for government officials and policy makers to share challenges to managing railway infrastructure development
  • Allow experts and researchers to share their latest research
  • Promote closer cooperation among key stakeholders involved in railway infrastructure development
  • Develop presentation materials for the ADBI website

How to register

By invitation only.




Ministry of Finance, Thailand

Time of event

9:00 - 18:00

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