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CLMV Project Training Program on Agricultural Reforms and Productivity in CLMV Countries

Event | 9 - 13 September 2013 Suzhou, People's Republic of China


This training program will be a platform for researchers, policymakers and consultants to discuss agricultural reforms in CLMV countries (Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Viet Nam) particularly those reforms that enhance agricultural productivity and rural development.


Over the last several decades agricultural reforms have played an important role in promoting economic growth in many Asian countries. Reforms have not only increased productivity growth but have also allowed the agriculture sector to realize its growth potential. Among the important reforms are those that support a well-functioning environment for rural businesses, including free and open access to information about markets and regulations, access to input markets, and other reforms that increased private sector participation in the agriculture sector.

Building on the last two CLMV project's training programs, this third program to be held at the Holiday Inn Suzhou Hotel in Suzhou, People's Republic of China, on 9–13 September, aims to explore the role of policy reforms in enhancing agricultural productivity; consider country perspectives on various agricultural reform issues; learn from international experiences in implementing policy reform agenda in agriculture sector; and develop a set of key policy issues and research questions to help guide future activities.


The training program aims to build the capacity of CLMV officials in understanding key policy issues and constraints related to agricultural productivity and growth in their countries.


  • Policy recommendations and roadmap for agricultural reforms and productivity in CLMV countries.
  • Enhanced dialog and network between government agencies, international organizations, civil society, and private sector to promote agricultural reforms.
  • Publication of proceedings (presentation materials and summary of proceedings to be uploaded on ADBI website) and capacity building and training (CBT) materials.
  • Feedback from experts to improve the design of the training programs and provide inputs to the CLMV book and training manual on agricultural productivity as part of the project's CBT and research activities, respectively.


Trainees will include CLMV officials from agriculture, planning and trade ministries, and private sector representatives.




Asia-Pacific Finance Development Centre and French Development Agency